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very tall evergreen of New Caledonia and the New Hebrides similar to norfolk island pine Araucaria columnaris , new caledonian pine
large yew native to New Caledonia; cultivated in eastern Australia and New Zealand and Hawaii Austrotaxus spicata , New Caledonian yew
any of several evergreen trees or shrubs of Australia and northern New Caledonia cypress pine
rain forest tree or shrub of New Caledonia having a conic crown and pale green sickle-shaped leaves; host species for the rare parasite yew Falcatifolium taxoides , yellow-leaf sickle pine
sickle pines: dioecious evergreen tropical trees and shrubs having sickle-shaped leaves; similar to Dacrycarpus in habit; Malaysia and Philippines to New Guinea and New Caledonia Falcatifolium , genus Falcatifolium
terrestrial orchids of Australia to New Caledonia genus Caladenia
small genus of trees or shrubs of New Zealand and New Caledonia genus Knightia , Knightia
any of several attractive trees of southwestern South America and New Zealand and New Caledonia having glossy evergreen leaves and scented wood incense cedar
rare and endangered monoecious parasitic conifer of New Caledonia; parasitic on Falcatifolium taxoides Parasitaxus ustus , parasite yew
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