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industrial process for making graphite by heating a mixture of coke and clay Acheson process
clay, sun-dried adobe
clay from which adobe bricks are made adobe
clay or silt or gravel carried by rushing streams and deposited where the stream slows down alluvial deposit , alluvial sediment , alluvion , alluvium
white clay (especially a white clay used by potters) argil
clay used by potters argil , terra-cotta
sedimentary rock formed from clay deposits argillaceous rock
sculpture, framework for clay armature
high-quality paper (usually having a filler of china clay) art paper
tetravalent nonmetallic element; next to oxygen it is the most abundant element in the earth's crust; occurs in clay and feldspar and granite and quartz and sand; used as a semiconductor in transistors atomic number 14 , Si , silicon
swallow of the northern hemisphere that nests in tunnels dug in clay or sand banks bank martin , bank swallow , Riparia riparia , sand martin
clay-like mineral; the chief ore of aluminum; composed of aluminum oxides and aluminum hydroxides; used as an abrasive and catalyst bauxite
absorbent aluminum silicate clay formed from volcanic ash bentonite
pigeon, clay bird , disk , skeet , target
potter's clay fired once but not glazed biscuit
adsorbent clay that will remove coloring from oils bleaching clay , bleaching earth
soft oily clay used as a pigment (especially a reddish brown pigment) bole
clay or brown earth used as pigment bole , sienna , umber
porcelain made of clay mixed with bone ash bone china
unstratified soil deposited by a glacier; consists of sand and clay and gravel and boulders mixed together boulder clay , till
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