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(classical mythology) a serpent (or lizard or dragon) able to kill with its breath or glance basilisk
legendary hero of an anonymous Old English epic poem composed in the early 8th century; he slays a monster and becomes king but dies fighting a dragon Beowulf
dragon slayer Beowulf , Cadmus , Perseus , Sigurd
tall tree of the Canary Islands; source of dragon's blood Dracaena draco , dragon tree
dragon in the sky draco
tuberous herbaceous perennials: dragon arum Dracunculus , genus Dracunculus
(Norse mythology) the Norse dragon that guarded a treasure and was slain by Sigurd Fafnir
dragon breathing fire firedrake
Christian martyr; patron saint of England; hero of the legend of Saint George and the Dragon in which he slew a dragon and saved a princess (?-303) George , Saint George , St. George
in Greek mythology, a fleece of gold owned by the king of Colchis and guarded in a sacred grove by a dragon; recovered by Jason and the Argonauts Golden Fleece
epithet for Apollo; from the dragon Python which he killed Pythius
(Greek mythology) dragon killed by Apollo at Delphi Python
huge creature of the sea resembling a snake or dragon sea serpent
(German mythology) mythical German warrior hero of the Nibelungenlied who takes possession of the accursed treasure of the Nibelungs by slaying the dragon that guards it and awakens Brynhild and is eventually killed; Sigurd is the Norse counterpart Siegfried
garden plant of the genus Antirrhinum having showy white or yellow or crimson flowers resembling the face of a dragon snapdragon
(Greek mythology) son of Gaea and Tartarus who created the whirlwinds; had a terrifying voice and 100 dragon heads that spurted fire Typhoeus
fire-breathing dragon used in medieval heraldry; had the head of a dragon and the tail of a snake and a body with wings and two legs wivern , wyvern
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