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orgiastic festival in ancient Greece in honor of Dionysus ( Bacchanalia , Dionysia
(classical mythology) god of wine; equivalent of Dionysus Bacchus
(ancient Greece) a passionate hymn (usually in honor of Dionysus) dithyramb
(Greek mythology) 7 daughters of Atlas and half-sisters of the Pleiades; they nurtured the infant Dionysus and Zeus placed them among the stars as a reward Hyades
(Greek mythology) a woman participant in the orgiastic rites of Dionysus maenad
(Greek legend) the greedy king of Phrygia who Dionysus gave the power to turn everything he touched into gold Midas
any of the minor woodland deities who were companions of Dionysus (similar to the satyrs) silenus
chief satyr in the service of Bacchus; father of Dionysus; usually depicted as drunk and jolly and riding a donkey Silenus
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