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bay on the Mediterranean Sea in northern Egypt Abukir , Abukir Bay
extinct primate of about 38 million years ago; fossils found in Egypt Aegyptopithecus
early ruler of Egypt who rejected the old gods and replaced them with sun worship (died in 1358 BC) Akhenaten , Akhenaton , Amenhotep IV , Ikhanaton
capital of Egypt and the largest city in Africa; a major port just south of the Nile delta; formerly the home of the Pharaohs Al Qahira , Cairo , capital of Egypt , Egyptian capital , El Qahira
Ismaili caliph of Egypt who declared himself an incarnation of God and founded the Druze religious sect (985-1021) Al-hakim
king of Macedon; conqueror of Greece and Egypt and Persia; founder of Alexandria (356-323 BC) Alexander , Alexander the Great
chief port of Egypt; located on the western edge of the Nile delta on the Mediterranean Sea; founded by Alexander the Great; the capital of ancient Egypt Alexandria , El Iskandriyah
resident or native of Alexandria (especially Alexandria in Egypt) Alexandrian
native to Egypt but cultivated widely for its aromatic seeds and the oil from them used medicinally and as a flavoring in cookery anise , anise plant , Pimpinella anisum
Egypt symbol ankh , aten , lotus , scarab , uta
Egyptian statesman who (as president of Egypt) negotiated a peace treaty with Menachem Begin (then prime minister of Israel) (1918-1981) Anwar el-Sadat , Anwar Sadat , Sadat
Egypt and Syria attacked Israel in October 1973 (on Yom Kippur); Israel counterattacked and drove the Syrians back and crossed the Suez Canal into Egypt Arab-Israeli War , Yom Kippur War
desert in Egypt between the Nile River and the Red Sea Arabian Desert , Eastern Desert
unit of dry measure used in Egypt ardeb
ancient city on the Nile in Egypt; site of the Aswan High Dam Assouan , Assuan , Aswan
one of the world's largest dams on the Nile River in southern Egypt Aswan Dam , Aswan High Dam , High Dam
region of northern Africa on the Mediterranean coast between Egypt and Gibraltar; was used as a base for pirates from the 16th to 19th centuries Barbary
Egypt boats baris , dahabeah , felucca
Israeli statesman (born in Russia) who (as prime minister of Israel) negotiated a peace treaty with Anwar Sadat (then the president of Egypt) (1913-1992) Begin , Menachem Begin
cluster of related dialects that were once the major language of northern Africa west of Egypt; now spoken mostly in Morocco Berber
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