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farmer who keeps bees for their honey apiarist , apiculturist , beekeeper
cultivation of bees on a commercial scale for the production of honey apiculture , beekeeping
social bee often domesticated for the honey it produces Apis mellifera , honeybee
honey-colored edible mushroom commonly associated with the roots of trees in late summer and fall; do not eat raw Armillariella mellea , honey fungus , honey mushroom
honey-colored diminutive form of genus Armillaria; grows in clusters; edible (when cooked) but most attention has been on how to get rid of it Armillariella , genus Armillariella
shrubs of western hemisphere often having honey-scented flowers followed by silky thistlelike heads of tiny fruits; often used for erosion control Baccharis , genus Baccharis
rich Middle Eastern cake made of thin layers of flaky pastry filled with nuts and honey baklava
pastry with nuts and honey, very thin baklava
flying insect that colonizes hives and produces honey bee
candlewood of Mexico and southwestern California having tall columnar stems and bearing honey-scented creamy yellow flowers boojum tree , cirio , Fouquieria columnaris , Idria columnaris
rolled dough spread with sugar and nuts then sliced and baked in muffin tins with honey or sugar and butter in the bottom caramel bun , honey bun , schnecken , sticky bun
pods of the cowage plant or the stinging hairs covering them; used as a vermifuge when mixed with e.g. honey cowage
greyish-green shrub of desert regions of southwestern United States and Mexico having sparse foliage and terminal spikes of bluish violet flowers; locally important as source of a light-colored honey of excellent flavor Dalea spinosa , smoke tree
isomer of glucose that is found in honey and sweet fruits dextroglucose , dextrose , grape sugar
tall North American perennial with creeping rootstocks and narrow leaves and spikes of pinkish-purple flowers occurring in great abundance in burned-over areas or recent clearings; an important honey plant Epilobium angustifolium , fireweed , giant willowherb , rosebay willowherb , wickup
Eurasian perennial herb having pale pink flowers and curved pods; naturalized in Britain and North America grasslands on calcareous soils; important forage crop and source of honey in Britain esparcet , holy clover , Onobrychis viciaefolia , Onobrychis viciifolia , sainfoin , sanfoin
honey guides family Indicatoridae , Indicatoridae
honey eaters family Meliphagidae , Meliphagidae
perennial of southern Europe cultivated for forage and for its nectar-rich pink flowers that make it an important honey crop French honeysuckle , Hedysarum coronarium , sulla
simple sugar found in honey and in many ripe fruits fructose , fruit sugar , laevulose , levulose
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