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(Greek mythology) a river in Hades across which the souls of the dead were carried by Charon Acheron , River Acheron
(Greek mythology) the three-headed dog guarding the entrance to Hades; son of Typhon Cerberus , hellhound
(Greek mythology) the ferryman who brought the souls of the dead across the river Styx or the river Acheron to Hades Charon
(Greek mythology) a river in Hades that was said to be a tributary of the Acheron Cocytus , River Cocytus
(Greek mythology) a river in Hades; the souls of the dead had to drink from it, which made them forget all they had done and suffered when they were alive Lethe , River Lethe
Hades' river Lethe , Styx
(Greek mythology) a great musician; when his wife Eurydice died he went to Hades to get her back but failed Orpheus
(Greek mythology) the god of the sea and earthquakes in ancient mythology; brother of Zeus and Hades and Hera; identified with Roman Neptune Poseidon
(Greek mythology) a river in Hades across which Charon carried dead souls River Styx , Styx
(Greek mythology) a wicked king and son of Zeus; condemned in Hades to stand in water that receded when he tried to drink and beneath fruit that receded when he reached for it Tantalus
(Greek mythology) the supreme god of ancient Greek mythology; son of Rhea and Cronus whom he dethroned; husband and brother of Hera; brother of Poseidon and Hades; father of many gods; counterpart of Roman Jupiter Zeus
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