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huge bronze statue of the sun god Helios that was built around 285 BC and that stood beside the harbor entrance on the island of Rhodes for about 50 years before it was toppled by an earthquake Colossus of Rhodes
(Greek mythology) a Titan who was the son of Gaea and Uranus and the father of Helios and Selene and Eos in ancient mythology Hyperion
(Greek mythology) daughter of Helios and mother of Ariadne Pasiphae
(Greek mythology) son of Helios; killed when trying to drive his father's chariot and came too close to earth Phaethon
(Roman mythology) ancient Roman god; personification of the sun; counterpart of Greek Helios Sol
(Greek mythology) the Titaness who was mother of Helios and Selene and Eos in ancient mythology Thea , Theia
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