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capital and largest city of Idaho Boise , capital of Idaho
active lizard having a network of dusky dark markings; of semiarid areas from Oregon and Idaho to Baja California Cnemidophorus tigris , western whiptail
member of an Amerindian people living in northern Idaho around Coeur d'Alene Lake Coeur d'Alene
town in the northern panhandle of Idaho; popular resort area Coeur d'Alene
lake in northern Idaho Coeur d'Alene Lake
waxy white nearly leafless plant with stems in clusters and racemes of white flowers; northwestern United States to northern California and east to Idaho Eburophyton austinae , phantom orchid , snow orchid
herb having a basal cluster of grey-green leaves and leafless stalks each with a solitary broad yellow flower head; desert areas Idaho to Arizona Enceliopsis nudicaulis , sunray
plant growing in clumps with mostly basal leaves and cream or pale pink fringed flowers in several long racemes; Alaska to coastal central California and east to Idaho false alumroot , fringe cups , Tellima grandiflora
town in southeastern Idaho on the Snake River Idaho Falls
native or resident of Idaho Idahoan
plant with basal leathery elliptic leaves and erect leafless flower stalks each bearing a dense roundish cluster of tiny white flowers; moist places of northwestern North America to Oregon and Idaho leatherleaf saxifrage , Leptarrhena pyrolifolia
town in northwestern Idaho Lewiston
town in southwestern Idaho Nampa
erect plant with blue-violet flowers in rings near tips of stems; Idaho to Utah and Wyoming Penstemon cyananthus , Platte River penstemon
university town in southeastern Idaho Pocatello
member of a North American Indian people who lived in Oregon along the Columbia river and its tributaries in Washington and northern Idaho Sahaptin , Sahaptino , Shahaptian
tributary of the Snake River in Idaho Salmon , Salmon River
city in eastern Washington near the Idaho border Spokane
slender delicate plant with wide roundish deeply lobed leaves and deep pink to violet funnel-shaped flowers; British Columbia to northern Oregon and west to Idaho and Montana Suksdorfia violaceae , violet suksdorfia
winter sports resort in south central Idaho Sun Valley
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