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tension between Arabs and Israeli erupted into a brief war in June 1967; Israel emerged as a major power in the Middle East Arab-Israeli War , Six-Day War , Six Day War
naval battle of World War II (June 1942); American planes based on land and on carriers decisively defeated a Japanese fleet on its way to invade the Midway Islands Battle of Midway , Midway
battle on 18 June 1815 in which Prussian and British forces under Blucher and the Duke of Wellington routed the French forces under Napoleon Battle of Waterloo , Waterloo
June bug beetle , dor , dorr , scarab
fourth sign of the zodiac; the sun is in this sign from about June 21 to July 22 Cancer , Cancer the Crab , Crab
town in eastern Saudi Arabia on an inlet from the Persian Gulf; in June 1996 terrorists bombed an apartment complex in Dharhan killing 19 United States soldiers and wounding more than 300 people Dharhan
US: third Sunday in June Father's Day
large greenish June beetle of southern United States figeater , green June beetle
third sign of the zodiac; the sun is in this sign from about May 21 to June 20 Gemini , Gemini the Twins , Twins
month following June and preceding August July
seventh month of the year, after June and before August July
June 21, when the sun is at its northernmost point June 21 , midsummer , summer solstice
month following April and preceding June May
fifth month of the year, after April and before June May
tenth month of the Revolutionary calendar (June and July); the month of harvest Messidor
middle part of June mid-June
campaign in the closing days of World War II in the Pacific (April to June 1945); in savage close-quarter fighting United States marines and regular army troops took the island from the Japanese; considered the greatest victory of the Pacific campaign for Okinawa , Okinawa campaign
ninth month of the Revolutionary calendar (May and June); the month of meadows Prairial
ninth month of the civil year; the third month of the ecclesiastical year in the Jewish calendar (in May and June) Sivan , Siwan
tenth month of the civil year; the fourth month of the ecclesiastic year (in June and July) Tammuz , Thammuz
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