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Napoleon defeated the Russians in 1812 in a pitched battle at a village in western Russia west of Moscow, but irreparably weakened his army Borodino
city of east central Russia north of Moscow Cherepovets
beliefs and practices of any of the eastern Catholic Churches based in Constantinople or Antioch or Alexandria or Moscow or Jerusalem Eastern Catholicism
United States journalist who reported on the October Revolution from Petrograd in 1917; founded the Communist Labor Party in America in 1919; is buried in the Kremlin in Moscow (1887-1920) John Reed , Reed
city of central Russia south of Moscow Kaluga
citadel of Moscow, housing the offices of the Russian government Kremlin
resident of Moscow Muscovite
Russian principality in the 13th to 16th centuries; Moscow was the capital Muscovy
title for the heads of the Eastern Orthodox Churches (in Istanbul and Alexandria and Moscow and Jerusalem) Patriarch
former empire in eastern Europe and northern Asia created in the 14th century with Moscow as the capital; powerful in the 17th and 18th centuries under Peter the Great and Catherine the Great when Saint Petersburg was the capital; overthrown by revolution Russia
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