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second brightest star in Orion Alpha Orionis , Betelgeuse
conspicuous constellation in the northern hemisphere; between Great Bear and Orion at edge of Milky Way Auriga , Charioteer
brightest star in Orion Beta Orionis , Rigel
star in Orion, bright Betelgeuse
constellation southeast of Orion; contains Sirius Canis Major , Great Dog
constellation east of Orion; contains Procyon Canis Minor , Little Dog
constellation in the southern hemisphere near Orion and Columba Lepus
(Greek mythology) 7 daughters of Atlas and half-sisters of the Hyades; placed among the stars to save them from the pursuit of Orion Pleiades
star in constellation Orion Rigel
zodiacal constellation in the northern hemisphere near Orion; between Aries and Gemini Taurus
multiple star in the constellation of Orion Trapezium
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