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capital and chief port of Paraguay Asuncion , capital of Paraguay
South American tree of dry interior regions of Argentina and Paraguay having resinous heartwood used for incense Bulnesia sarmienti , palo santo
fractional monetary unit of Venezuela and Costa Rica and Equatorial Guinea and Paraguay and Spain centimo
recently discovered large wild pig of Paraguay Chiacoan peccary
having nine hinged bands of bony plates; ranges from Texas to Paraguay Dasypus novemcinctus , nine-banded armadillo , peba , Texas armadillo
great waterfall on the border between Brazil and Paraguay Guaira , Guaira Falls , Sete Quedas
basic unit of money in Paraguay; equal to 100 centimos guarani
language spoken by the Guarani of Paraguay and Bolivia Guarani
member of the South American people living in Paraguay and Bolivia Guarani
member of the South American people living in Argentina and Bolivia and Paraguay Maraco
native or inhabitant of Paraguay Paraguayan
monetary unit in Paraguay Paraguayan monetary unit
New World bat with a pointed nose leaf; found from southern United States to Paraguay spearnose bat
border area where Argentina and Brazil and Paraguay meet; an active South American center for contraband and drug trafficking and money laundering; a suspected locale for Islamic extremist groups Triple Frontier
language spoken by the Tupi of Brazil and Paraguay Tupi
member of the South American Indian people living in Brazil and Paraguay Tupi
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