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oldest known reptiles: turtles; extinct Permian forms Anapsida , subclass Anapsida
carnivorous dinosaur of the Permian in North America having a crest or dorsal sail dimetrodon
coextensive with the family Ginkgoaceae: plants that first appeared in the Permian and now represented by a single surviving species; often included in Coniferales Ginkgoales , order Ginkgoales
formerly a suborder of Stegocephalia; large Carboniferous and Permian amphibians having vertebrae in which some elements remain separate order Temnospondyli , Temnospondyli
extinct terrestrial reptiles having teeth set in sockets; of the late Permian to Triassic order Thecodontia , Thecodontia
extinct mammal-like reptiles found inhabiting all continents from the mid Permian to late Triassic order Therapsida , Therapsida
large primitive reptile having a tall spinal sail; of the Permian or late Paleozoic in Europe and North America pelycosaur
extinct reptiles of the Permian to Jurassic considered ancestral to mammals subclass Synapsida , Synapsida
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