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dark-skinned member of a race of people living in Australia when Europeans arrived Abo , Aboriginal , Aborigine , Australian Aborigine , native Australian
(Old Testament) in Judeo-Christian mythology; the first man and the husband of Eve and the progenitor of the human race Adam
(Norse mythology) the chief race of gods living at Asgard Aesir
member of the race of people living in America when Europeans arrived American Indian , Indian , Red Indian
usually included in the Mongoloid race Amerindian race , Indian race
relay race last person anchor
final relay race contestant anchor
evolution or genesis of the human race anthropogenesis , anthropogeny
motor race for skill and speed autocross
race between (usually high-performance) automobiles automobile race , auto race , car race
race course section farthest from spectators backstretch
ruling by the Supreme Court on affirmative action; the Court ruled in 1978 that medical schools are entitled to consider race as a factor in their admission policy Bakke decision
United States race driver who was the first to drive faster than a mile a minute (1878-1946) Barney Oldfield , Berna Eli Oldfield , Oldfield
relay race stick baton
hollow cylinder passed from runner to runner in a relay race baton
annual race for three-year-old horses; held on Long Island at Elmont, New York Belmont Stakes
United States educator who worked to improve race relations and educational opportunities for Black Americans (1875-1955) Bethune , Mary McLeod Bethune
licensed bookmaker's shop that is not at the race track betting shop
race between people riding bicycles bicycle race
race or ethnic group membership, treatment based on bigotry , discrimination
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