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restoration as compensation amends , reparation
Old Testament book containing Ezekiel's prophecies of the downfall of Jerusalem and Judah and their subsequent restoration Book of Ezekiel , Ezechiel , Ezekiel
King of England and Scotland and Ireland during the Restoration (1630-1685) Charles , Charles II
outstanding poet and dramatist of the Restoration (1631-1700) Dryden , John Dryden
French movement during World War II that was organized in London by Charles de Gaulle to fight for the liberation of France from German control and for the restoration of the republic Fighting French , Free French
restoration of deteriorated urban property gentrification
restoration of run-down urban areas by the middle class (resulting in the displacement of low-income residents) gentrification
one of two classical Hindu epics telling of the banishment of Rama from his kingdom and the abduction of his wife by a demon and Rama's restoration to the throne Ramayana
restoration (replanting) of a forest that had been reduced by fire or cutting re-afforestation , reforestation
restoration to a previous state re-establishment
health, restoration of rehabilitation
restoration of someone to a useful place in society rehabilitation
return or restoration to previous state or position restitution
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