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United States general in the American Civil War who was defeated by Robert E. Lee at the Battle of Fredericksburg (1824-1881) A. E. Burnside , Ambrose Everett Burnside , Burnside
battle in which the Scots under Robert the Bruce defeated the English and assured the independence of Scotland Bannockburn
important battle in the American Civil War (1862); the Union's army under A. E. Burnside was defeated by the Confederate army under Robert E. Lee Battle of Fredericksburg , Fredericksburg
battle of the American Civil War (1863); the defeat of Robert E. Lee's invading Confederate army was a major victory for the Union Battle of Gettysburg , Gettysburg
English poet best remembered for love sonnets written to her husband Robert Browning (1806-1861) Browning , Elizabeth Barrett Browning
major battle in the American Civil War (1863); the Confederates under Robert E. Lee defeated the Union forces under Joseph Hooker Chancellorsville
German pianist and composer of piano music; renowned for her interpretation of music, especially the music of her husband Robert Schumann (1819-1896) Clara Josephine Schumann , Schumann
King of England from 1307 to 1327 and son of Edward I; was defeated at Bannockburn by the Scots led by Robert the Bruce; was deposed and died in prison (1284-1327) Edward , Edward II
United States general in the Union Army who was defeated at Chancellorsville by Robert E. Lee (1814-1879) Fighting Joe Hooker , Hooker , Joseph Hooker
English writer and historian; son of Sir Robert Walpole (1717-1797) Fourth Earl of Orford , Horace Walpole , Horatio Walpole , Walpole
British chemist who with Robert Curl and Richard Smalley discovered fullerenes and opened a new branch of chemistry (born in 1939) Harold Kroto , Harold W. Kroto , Kroto , Sir Harold Walter Kroto
United States parliamentary authority and author (in 1876) of Robert's Rules of Order (1837-1923) Henry M. Robert , Henry Martyn Robert , Robert
title character in a German folk tale and in a poem by Robert Browning Pied Piper , Pied Piper of Hamelin
American chemist who with Robert Curl and Harold Kroto discovered fullerenes and opened a new branch of chemistry (born in 1943) Richard E. Smalley , Richard Errett Smalley , Richard Smalley , Smalley
island in the south Pacific; the most important island in French Polynesia; made famous by Robert Louis Stevenson and Paul Gauguin Tahiti
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