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affair, romantic amour , liaison , love , relationship , romance , tryst
Austrian organist and composer of romantic music (1824-1896) Anton Bruckner , Bruckner
Russian composer (born in Armenia) whose works are romantic and reflect his interest in folk music (1903-1978) Aram Ilich Khachaturian , Aram Khachaturian , Khachaturian
German conductor and composer of romantic operas (1786-1826) Baron Karl Maria Friedrich Ernst von Weber , Carl Maria von Weber , Weber
French romantic writer (1766-1817) Baronne Anne Louise Germaine Necker de Steal-Holstein , Madame de Stael , Stael
French composer of romantic works (1803-1869) Berlioz , Hector Berlioz , Louis-Hector Berlioz
romantic novel containing scenes in which the heroine is sexually violated bodice ripper
German composer who developed the romantic style of both lyrical and classical music (1833-1897) Brahms , Johannes Brahms
English romantic poet notorious for his rebellious and unconventional lifestyle (1788-1824) Byron , Lord George Gordon Byron , Sixth Baron Byron of Rochdale
French statesman and writer; considered a precursor of the romantic movement in France (1768-1848) Chateaubriand , Francois Rene Chateaubriand , Vicomte de Chateaubriand
French composer (born in Poland) and pianist of the romantic school (1810-1849) Chopin , Frederic Francois Chopin
English romantic poet (1772-1834) Coleridge , Samuel Taylor Coleridge
French romantic painter (1798-1863) Delacroix , Eugene Delacroix , Ferdinand Victor Eugene Delacroix
German musician and romantic composer of orchestral and choral works (1809-1847) Felix Mendelssohn , Jakob Ludwig Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy , Mendelssohn
brief romantic involvement fling
British writer noted for romantic adventure novels (1856-1925) Haggard , Rider Haggard , Sir Henry Rider Haggard
United States writer of romantic novels about the unjust treatment of Native Americans (1830-1885) Helen Hunt Jackson , Helen Maria Fiske Hunt Jackson , Jackson
French poet and novelist and dramatist; leader of the romantic movement in France (1802-1885) Hugo , Victor-Marie Hugo , Victor Hugo
episode of such pastoral or romantic charm as to qualify as the subject of a poetic idyll idyll
peaceful or romantic idyllic
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