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erect perennial of Mexico having rose to crimson flowers Agastache mexicana , Mexican hyssop
tropical rose-colored New World spoonbill Ajaia ajaja , roseate spoonbill
widely distributed North American wild onion with white to rose flowers Allium cernuum , lady's leek , nodding onion , nodding wild onion
creeping mat-forming evergreen shrub of high mountain regions of northern hemisphere grown for its rose-pink flowers alpine azalea , Loiseleuria procumbens , mountain azalea
amaryllis of South Africa often cultivated for its fragrant white or rose flowers Amaryllis belladonna , belladonna lily , naked lady
North American evergreen shrub having glossy leaves and white or rose-colored flowers American laurel , calico bush , Kalmia latifolia , mountain laurel , wood laurel
one species: rose of Jericho; resurrection plant Anastatica , genus Anastatica
rose essence attar
vigorously growing rose having clusters of numerous small flowers; used for hedges and as grafting stock baby rose , Japanese rose , multiflora , multiflora rose , Rosa multiflora
tropical American herb having rose to red or purple flowers that can be dried without losing color bachelor's button , globe amaranth , Gomphrena globosa
pale rose-colored variety of the ruby spinel balas , balas ruby
Chinese evergreen climbing rose with yellow or white single flowers banksia rose , Rosa banksia
semi-tuberous begonia having peltate leaves and rose-pink flowers; Yemen Begonia socotrana , Socotra begonia
dwarf European shrub with rose-colored flowers bell heather , cross-leaved heath , Erica tetralix
United States poet; brother of William Rose Benet (1898-1943) Benet , Stephen Vincent Benet
shrubby Chinese rose; ancestor of many cultivated garden roses Bengal rose , China rose , Rosa chinensis
Asian shrub having conspicuous racemose rose-purple flowers widely used as an ornamental and in erosion control and as a source of feed for wild birds bicolor lespediza , ezo-yama-hagi , Lespedeza bicolor
Japanese orchid with white-striped leaves and slender erect racemes of rose to magenta flowers; often cultivated; sometimes placed in genus Bletia Bletia striata , Bletilla striata
Eurasian rose with prickly stems and fragrant leaves and bright pink flowers followed by scarlet hips briar , brier , eglantine , Rosa eglanteria , sweetbriar , sweetbrier
Mediterranean orchid having usually purple flowers with a fan-shaped spotted or striped rose-red lip butterfly orchid , butterfly orchis , Orchis papilionaceae
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