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mountainous landlocked country in central Asia; bordered by Iran to the west and Russia to the north and Pakistan to the east and south Afghanistan , Islamic State of Afghanistan
United States singer (born in Russia) who appeared in the first full-length talking film (1886-1950) Al Jolson , Asa Yoelson , Jolson
Islamic terrorist cell that originated in Jordan but operates in Germany; goal is to attack Europe and Russia with chemical weapons al-Tawhid , Al Tawhid , Divine Unity
czar of Russia whose plans to liberalize the government of Russia were unrealized because of the wars with Napoleon (1777-1825) Aleksandr Pavlovich , Alexander I , Czar Alexander I
son of Nicholas I who, as czar of Russia, introduced reforms that included limited emancipation of the serfs (1818-1881) Alexander II , Alexander the Liberator , Czar Alexander II
son of Alexander II who was czar of Russia (1845-1894) Alexander III , Czar Alexander III
United States actress (born in Russia) (1879-1945) Alla Nazimova , Nazimova
in World War I the alliance of Great Britain and France and Russia and all the other nations that became allied with them in opposing the Central Powers Allies
leek producing bulbils instead of flowers; Russia and Iran Allium paradoxum , few-flowered leek
Asian river between China and Russia; flows into the Sea of Okhotsk Amur , Amur River , Heilong , Heilong Jiang
United States ballet dancer (born in Russia) (1917-1977) Andre Eglevsky , Eglevsky
river in eastern Asia that arises in China and flows northeast along the border between China and Russia to become a tributary of the Amur River Argun , Argun River , Ergun He
aromatic perennial of southeastern Russia Artemisia dracunculus , estragon , tarragon
Russia that is part of Asia Asian Russia
United States writer (born in Russia) noted for his science fiction (1920-1992) Asimov , Isaac Asimov
city in southwestern Russia on the delta of the Volga River Astrakhan
United States writer (born in Russia) noted for her polemical novels and political conservativism (1905-1982) Ayn Rand , Rand
United States dancer and choreographer (born in Russia) noted for his abstract and formal works (1904-1983) Balanchine , George Balanchine
Iranian language spoken in Pakistan and Iran and Afghanistan and Russia and the Persian gulf Balochi , Baluchi
part of the Arctic Ocean north of Norway and Russia Barents Sea
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