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small reddish slave-making ant species Amazon ant , Polyergus rufescens
female slave bondmaid , bondswoman , bondwoman
male slave bondman , bondsman
United States educator who was born a slave but became educated and founded a college at Tuskegee in Alabama (1856-1915) Booker T. Washington , Booker Taliaferro Washington , Washington
state of being a slave captivity , enslavement
member of the Athapaskan people living in western Canada between Great Slave Lake and Hudson Bay Chipewyan
United States politician responsible for the Missouri Compromise between free and slave states (1777-1852) Clay , Henry Clay , the Great Compromiser
United States freed slave and insurrectionist in South Carolina who was involved in planning an uprising of slaves and was hanged (1767-1822) Denmark Vesey , Vesey
United States slave who sued for liberty after living in a non-slave state; caused the Supreme Court to declare the Missouri Compromise unconstitutional (1795?-1858) Dred Scott , Scott
New Testament book containing an epistle from Saint Paul to Philemon asking Philemon to forgive the slave for escaping Epistle of Paul the Apostle to Philemon , Epistle to Philemon , Philemon
feudal slave esne
slave-making ant widely distributed over the northern hemisphere Formica sanguinea , sanguinary ant
person who is not a serf or a slave freeman , freewoman
slave condemned to row in a galley galley slave
someone who works as hard as a slave hard worker , slave , striver
United States abolitionist born a slave on a plantation in Maryland and became a famous conductor on the Underground Railroad leading other slaves to freedom in the North (1820-1913) Harriet Tubman , Tubman
English privateer involved in the slave trade; later helped build the fleet that in 1588 defeated the Spanish Armada (1532-1595) Hawkins , Hawkyns , Sir John Hawkins , Sir John Hawkyns
temple slave of ancient Greece hierodule
owner of a slave or animal master
United States slave and insurrectionist who in 1831 led a rebellion of slaves in Virginia; he was captured and executed (1800-1831) Nat Turner , Turner
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