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spar projecting from the bow of a vessel bowsprit
sailboat spar for foremast bowsprit
covering (usually rope or canvas) of a line or spar to protect it from friction chafing gear
knot used to fasten a line temporarily to a post or spar clove hitch
spar under the bowsprit of a sailboat dolphin striker , martingale
knot for tying a line to a spar or ring fisherman's bend
spar rising aft from a mast to support the head of a quadrilateral fore-and-aft sail gaff
spar that extends the bowsprit jibboom
vertical spar for supporting sails mast
hitch for fastening a line to a spar or another rope rolling hitch
light spar that crosses a fore-and-aft sail diagonally sprit
(nautical) brace consisting of a heavy rope or wire cable used as a support for a mast or spar stay
hitch used to secure a rope to a log or spar; often supplemented by a half hitch timber hitch
sails, spar supporting yard
long horizontal spar tapered at the end and used to support and spread a square sail or lateen yard
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