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flour mixture thin enough to pour or drop from a spoon batter
soft bread made of cornmeal and sometimes rice or hominy; must be served with a spoon (chiefly southern) batter bread , spoon bread
(formerly) a golfing wood with a face more elevated that a driver but less than a spoon brassie
lettuce with long dark-green spoon-shaped leaves cos lettuce , Lactuca sativa longifolia , romaine lettuce
spoon larger than a teaspoon and smaller than a tablespoon dessert spoon
biscuit made from dough with enough milk that it can be dropped from a spoon drop biscuit
spoon-shaped vessel with a long handle; used to transfer liquids ladle
long-handled spoon ladle
fork-like spoon with a cutting edge; coined by Edward Lear runcible spoon
spoon with a rounded bowl for eating soup soup spoon , soupspoon
as much as a spoon will hold spoon , spoonful
wading birds having a long flat bill with a tip like a spoon spoonbill
feeding someone (as a baby) from a spoon spoonfeeding
trademark for a plastic eating utensil that has both tines and a bowl like a spoon Spork
spoon for serving sugar; often made in the shape of a seashell sugar shell , sugar spoon
any of several herbs of Guiana highlands having racemes of nodding white or pink flowers; trap and digest insects in pitcher-shaped leaves with spoon-shaped caps sun pitcher
ingestion of liquid food with a spoon or by drinking supping
spoon larger than a dessert spoon; used for serving tablespoon
covered spoon with perforations tea maker
small spoon used for stirring tea or coffee; holds about one fluid dram teaspoon
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