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small pale plant with dense spikes of pale bluish-violet flowers; of high cold meadows from Wyoming and Utah to New Mexico Alpine besseya , Besseya alpina
Native American who lived in what is now southern Colorado and Utah and northern Arizona and New Mexico and who built cliff dwellings Anasazi
tiny grey woolly tufted annual with small golden-yellow flower heads; southeastern California to northwestern Arizona and southwestern Utah; sometimes placed in genus Eriophyllum Antheropeas wallacei , dwarf daisy , Eriophyllum wallacei , woolly daisy
national park in Utah including mountains and the Colorado River gorge and huge rock formations caused by erosion Arches National Park
fragrant puffed-up white to reddish-pink flowers in long narrow clusters on erect stems; Arizona to New Mexico and Utah balloon flower , Penstemon palmeri , scented penstemon
United States religious leader of the Mormon Church after the assassination of Joseph Smith; he led the Mormon exodus from Illinois to Salt Lake City, Utah (1801-1877) Brigham Young , Young
national park in Utah having multicolored rock erosions Bryce Canyon National Park
low-growing shrub with spreading branches and flowers in loose heads; desert regions of western United States (California to Utah) California buckwheat , Erigonum fasciculatum , wild buckwheat
national park in Utah having rock formations and ancient cliff dwellings; canyons of the Green River and the Colorado River Canyonlands National Park
capital and largest city of Utah; located near the Great Salt Lake in north central Utah; world capital of the Mormon Church capital of Utah , Salt Lake City
national park in Utah having colorful rock formations and desert plants and wildlife Capitol Reef National Park
church founded by Joseph Smith in 1830 with headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints , Mormon Church , Mormons
important river in the southwestern United States; rises in the Rocky Mountains of northern Colorado and flows southwest through Utah into Arizona (where it flows through the Grand Canyon) and then southward through the southern tip of Nevada, then formin Colorado , Colorado River
slender hairy plant with few leaves and golden-yellow flower heads; sandy desert areas of southeastern California to southwestern Utah and western Arizona and northwestern Mexico desert sunflower , Gerea canescens
shallow body of salt water in northwestern Utah Great Salt Lake
river that rises in western Wyoming and flows southward through Utah to become a tributary of the Colorado River Green , Green River
stems in clumps with cream-colored flowers; found from Washington to Wyoming and southward to California and Utah hot-rock penstemon , Penstemon deustus
low plant with light blue and violet flowers in short clusters near tips of stems; Nevada to Utah Jones' penstemon , Penstemon dolius
second largest reservoir in the United States; located in southern Utah and north central Arizona and formed by the Glen Canyon Dam on the Colorado River Lake Powell
wild aster having greyish leafy stems and flower heads with narrow pale lavender or violet rays; of rocky desert slopes California to Arizona and Utah Machaeranthera tortifoloia , Mojave aster
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