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industrial city in southwestern Zimbabwe Bulawayo
capital and largest city of Zimbabwe capital of Zimbabwe , Harare , Salisbury
British colonial financier and statesman in South Africa; made a fortune in gold and diamond mining; helped colonize the territory now known as Zimbabwe; he endowed annual fellowships for British Commonwealth and United States students to study at Oxford Cecil J. Rhodes , Cecil John Rhodes , Cecil Rhodes , Rhodes
member of a Negro people of Malawi and eastern Zambia and northern Zimbabwe Chewa
Bantu language that is one of the two major languages of Zimbabwe Chishona
English author of novels and short stories who grew up in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) (born in 1919) Doris Lessing , Doris May Lessing , Lessing
Rhodesian statesman who declared independence of Zimbabwe from Great Britain (born in 1919) Ian Douglas Smith , Ian Smith , Smith
member of a Bantu tribe living in present-day Zimbabwe Shona
Bantu language spoken in Zimbabwe Shona
waterfall in the Zambezi River on the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia; diminishes seasonally Victoria , Victoria Falls
native or inhabitant of Zimbabwe Zimbabwean
basic unit of money in Zimbabwe Zimbabwean dollar
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