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state of being absent absence
one that is absent or not in residence absentee
(election) a ballot that is cast while absent (usually mailed in prior to election day) absentee ballot
elongate fishes with pelvic fins and girdle absent or reduced Anguilliformes , order Anguilliformes , order Apodes
address of absent or imaginary person apostrophe
address to an absent or imaginary person apostrophe
abnormal condition in which a normal opening or tube in the body (as the urethra) is closed or absent atresia
one who is away or absent without leave AWOL
death when respiration and other reflexes are absent; consciousness is gone; organs can be removed for transplantation before the heartbeat stops brain death , cerebral death
absent of worry carefree
coelenterates in which the polyp stage is absent or at least inconspicuous: jellyfishes class Scyphozoa , Scyphozoa
state of needing something that is absent or unavailable deficiency , lack , want
assistant with power to act when his superior is absent deputy , lieutenant
(law) the residence where you have your permanent home or principal establishment and to where, whenever you are absent, you intend to return; every person is compelled to have one and only one domicile at a time domicile , legal residence
voluntarily absent from home or country exile , expatriate
genetic disease (autosomal recessive) in which an enzyme needed to metabolize galactose is deficient or absent; typically develops shortly after birth galactosemia
one who is absent from school without permission hooky player , truant
absent, while in absentia
period of time during which you are absent from work or duty leave , leave of absence
absent of mental or physical capabilities powerless
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