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unit for measuring acceleration acceleration unit
instrument for measuring the acceleration of aircraft or rockets accelerometer
worn by fliers and astronauts to counteract the forces of gravity and acceleration anti-G suit , G suit
acceleration of a chemical reaction induced the presence of material that is chemically unchanged at the end of the reaction catalysis , contact action
acceleration toward the center that holds a satellite in elliptical orbit centripetal acceleration
unit of force equal to the force that imparts an acceleration of 1 cm/sec/sec to a mass of 1 gram dyne
radiation consisting of waves of energy associated with electric and magnetic fields resulting from the acceleration of an electric charge electromagnetic radiation , electromagnetic wave , nonparticulate radiation
unit of gravitational acceleration equal to one centimeter per second per second (named after Galileo) gal
attribute of being capable of rapid acceleration getaway , pickup
car modified to increase its speed and acceleration hot-rod , hot rod
(physics) the mass of a body as determined by the second law of motion from the acceleration of the body when it is subjected to a force that is not due to gravity inertial mass
(mechanics) the rate of change of acceleration jerk
nontechnical unit of force equal to the mass of 1 pound with an acceleration of free fall equal to 32 feet/sec/sec lbf. , pound
tendency of a body to resist angular acceleration moment of inertia
unit of force equal to the force that imparts an acceleration of 1 m/sec/sec to a mass of 1 kilogram; equal to 100,000 dynes N , newton
unit of force equal to the force that imparts an acceleration of 1 foot/sec/sec to a mass of 1 pound; equal to 0.1382 newtons pdl , poundal
unexpected acceleration or hastening precipitation
injury to the neck (the cervical vertebrae) resulting from rapid acceleration or deceleration (as in an automobile accident) whiplash , whiplash injury
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