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accident that results in physical damage or hurt accidental injury , injury
unethical lawyer who incites accident victims to sue ambulance chaser
victim of an accident casualty
accident that causes someone to die casualty , fatal accident
someone injured or killed in an accident casualty , injured party
accident resulting from violent impact of a moving object collision
serious accident (usually involving one or more vehicles) crash , wreck
car seat beside the driver of an automobile; believed to be the most dangerous place to sit in a car in case of an accident death seat
number of deaths resulting from some particular cause such as an accident or a battle or a natural disaster death toll
accident in which a train runs off its track derailment
English aristocrat who was the first wife of Prince Charles; her death in an automobile accident in Paris produced intense national mourning (1961-1997) Diana , Lady Diana Frances Spencer , Princess Diana , Princess of Wales
death resulting from accident or disaster fatality
accident causing death fatality
death resulting from an accident or a disaster fatality , human death
accident, minor fender bender
automobile accident, minor fender bender
come upon by accident find
accident marker flare
random or by accident, happening at fortuitous
account of accident, detailed graphic
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