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vein accompanying another structure; a vein may accompany an artery in such a way that the arterial pulses aid venous return accompanying vein , vena comitans
support; accompany back up
two veins in either arm that accompany the brachial artery and empty into the axillary vein brachial vein , vena brachialis
arteries that accompany the bronchioles bronchial artery
accompany someone for propriety, protection chaperon
either of two veins that accompany arteries of the same name serving the hip and thigh circumflex femoral vein , vena circumflexus femoris
form of chromesthesia in which experiences of color accompany auditory stimuli colored audition , colored hearing
one paid to accompany or assist or live with another companion
accompany troops, etc., for protection convoy
attendant who is employed to accompany someone escort
accompany the peroneal arteries; arising in the heel and running up the back of the leg to join the posterior tibial veins of the popliteal vein fibular vein , peroneal vein , vena peroneus
small high-pitched flute similar to a piccolo; has a shrill tone and is used chiefly to accompany drums in a marching band fife
accessories that normally accompany (something or some activity) fixings , trimmings
music composed to accompany the action of a drama or to fill intervals between scenes incidental music
veins at accompany the meningeal arteries meningeal veins , venae meningeae
veins that accompany the perforating arteries; drain leg muscles; empty into the deep femoral vein perforating vein , vena perforantis
veins that accompany renal arteries; open into the vena cava at the level of the 2nd lumbar vertebra renal vein , vena renalis
spicy sauce of tomatoes and onions and chili peppers to accompany Mexican foods salsa
veins that accompany the superior epigastric artery superior epigastric veins , venae epigastricae superiores
usually rhythmical song to accompany repetitious work work song
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