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adherent of Anabaptism Anabaptist
adherent of Arianism (the belief that Jesus Christ was not truly God) arianist
follower of Aristotle or an adherent of Aristotelianism Aristotelean , Aristotelian , Peripatetic
adherent of Arminianism Arminian
faithful adherent believer
adherent of the theological doctrines of John Calvin Calvinist , Genevan
adherent of Satan or Satanism diabolist , Satanist
adherent of Donatism Donatist
adherent of an esoteric monotheistic religious sect living in the relative security of the mountains of Syria and Lebanon who believes that Al-hakim was an incarnation of God Druse , Druze
adherent of dualism dualist
adherent of Baptistic doctrines (who practice baptism by immersion) Dunkard , Dunker , Tunker
artist who is an adherent of expressionism expressionist
adherent of fascism or other right-wing authoritarian views fascist
adherent of functionalism functionalist
adherent of Hinayana Buddhism Hinayanist
adherent of the religious reforms of John Huss Hussite
adherent of Ismailism; a member of the Ismaili branch of Shiism Ismaili , Ismailian
(Buddhism) an adherent of Lamaism Lamaist
adherent of Mahayana Buddhism Mahayanist
adherent of Mahdism Mahdist
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