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environment, to adjust to new acclimatize
climate, adjust to a new acclimatize
adjust to new environment acculturate , assimilate
adjust oneself adapt
adjust one's wheels align
account, examine or adjust audit
scale standard, to check or adjust in comparison with calibrate
graduate or adjust a scale calibrate
settle or adjust compose , determine , reconcile
hidden reserve that can be used to adjust quarterly earning reports cookie jar reserve
adjust, as in sewing ease
adjust to perfection fine-tune
adjust or match up fit
printed document, to adjust spacing in lines of justify
printed document, to adjust spacing between letters of kern
principle that if any change is imposed on a system that is in equilibrium then the system tends to adjust to a new equilibrium counteracting the change Le Chatelier's law , Le Chatelier's principle , Le Chatelier-Braun principle , Le Chatelier principle
change to improve or adjust modify , regulate
adjust or adapt modify , regulate
adjust and temper modulate
adjust tone modulate
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