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mountainous region of central Italy on the Adriatic Abruzzi , Abruzzi e Molise
river in northern Italy that flows southeast into the Adriatic Sea Adige , River Adige
republic in southeastern Europe on the Adriatic coast of the Balkan Peninsula Albania , Republic of Albania
region in southeastern Italy on the Adriatic Apulia , Puglia
capital city of the Apulia region on the Adriatic coast Bari
wind of Adriatic Sea, cold northeasterly bora
cold Adriatic wind bora
former country bordering on the Adriatic Sea; now part of the Union of Serbia and Montenegro Crna Gora , Montenegro
republic in the western Balkans in south-central Europe in the eastern Adriatic coastal area; formerly part of the Habsburg monarchy and Yugoslavia; became independent in 1991 Croatia , Hrvatska , Republic of Croatia
historical region of Croatia on the Adriatic Sea; mountainous with many islands Dalmatia
port city in southwestern Croatia on the Adriatic; a popular tourist center Dubrovnik , Ragusa
port city in western Albania on the Adriatic Durazzo , Durres
region of north central Italy on the Adriatic Emilia-Romagna
mountainous republic in southeastern Europe bordering on the Adriatic Sea; formed from two of the six republics that made up Yugoslavia until 1992; Serbia and Montenegro were known as the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia until 2003 when they adopted the nam Federal Republic of Yugoslavia , Jugoslavija , Serbia and Montenegro , Union of Serbia and Montenegro , Yugoslavia
arm of the Adriatic Sea Gulf of Venice
uncertain region on the east shore of the Adriatic where an ancient Indo-European people once lived Illyria
European river; flows into the Adriatic Sea Po , Po River
old Croatian city on the Adriatic Sea Split
region of northeastern Italy on the Adriatic Venetia , Veneto , Venezia-Euganea
former country of southeastern Europe bordering the Adriatic Sea; formed in 1918 and named Yugoslavia in 1929; controlled by Marshal Tito as a communist state until his death in 1980 Yugoslavia
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