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advisor employed by the government to assist people in rural areas with methods of farming and home economics agricultural agent , county agent , extension agent
United States historian and advisor to President Kennedy (born in 1917) Arthur Meier Schlesinger Jr. , Arthur Schlesinger , Arthur Schlesinger Jr. , Schlesinger
economic advisor to United States Presidents (1870-1965) Baruch , Bernard Baruch , Bernard Mannes Baruch
service provided by a professional advisor (e.g., a lawyer or doctor or CPA etc.) consulting service
Siberian peasant monk who was religious advisor in the court of Nicholas II; was assassinated by Russian noblemen who feared that his debauchery would weaken the monarchy (1872-1916) Grigori Efimovich Rasputin , Rasputin
senior legal advisor to a branch of the military judge advocate general
Roman statesman and philosopher who was an advisor to Nero; his nine extant tragedies are modeled on Greek tragedies (circa 4 BC - 65 AD) Lucius Annaeus Seneca , Seneca
wise and trusted guide and advisor mentor , wise man
(Arthurian legend) the magician who acted as King Arthur's advisor Merlin
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