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species of Gram-negative aerobic bacteria that produce gas and acid from sugars and are sometimes involved in the souring of milk Aerobacter aerogenes
aerobic bacteria widely distributed in nature Aerobacter , genus Aerobacter
aerobic rod-shaped spore-producing bacterium; often occurring in chainlike formations; found primarily in soil B , bacillus
aerobic Gram-negative coccobacillus that causes brucellosis; can be used as a bioweapon Brucella
large family of mostly Gram-positive and aerobic and nonmotile rod-shaped bacteria of the order Eubacteriales Corynebacteriaceae , family Corynebacteriaceae
spherical or elliptical usually aerobic eubacteria that produce yellow or orange or red pigment; includes toxin-producing forms as well as harmless commensals and saprophytes family Micrococcaceae , Micrococcaceae
higher bacteria typically aerobic soil saprophytes family Streptomycetaceae , Streptomycetaceae
genus of Gram-negative aerobic bacteria that occur as pathogens and parasite in many animals (including humans) Francisella , genus Francisella
genus of helical or curved or straight aerobic bacteria with rounded ends and multiple flagella; found in the gastric mucosa of primates (including humans) genus Heliobacter , Heliobacter
very slender aerobic spirochetes; free-living or parasitic in mammals genus Leptospira
genus of aerobic motile bacteria of the family Corynebacteriaceae containing small Gram-positive rods genus Listeria
nonmotile Gram-positive aerobic bacteria genus Mycobacterium
motile aerobic rod-shaped Gram-negative bacterium that thrives in central heating and air conditioning systems and can cause Legionnaires' disease legionella , Legionella pneumophilia
species of aerobic bacteria Pseudomonas pyocanea
any flagellated aerobic bacteria having a spirally twisted rodlike form spirilla , spirillum
aerobic bacteria (some of which produce the antibiotic streptomycin) streptomyces
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