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annual or perennial grasses including decorative and meadow species as well as notorious agricultural weeds Alopecurus , genus Alopecurus
city on western Hokkaido that is the center of a fertile agricultural area Asahikawa
disease especially in agricultural workers caused by inhalation of Aspergillus spores causing lumps in skin and ears and respiratory organs aspergillosis
synthetic compound derived from triazine that is widely used as an agricultural herbicide atrazine
member of an agricultural people of southern India Badaga
agricultural device baler , binder , caterpillar , combine , cultivator , drill , harrow , header , mower , plow , reaper , seeder , separator , thrasher , thresher , tractor
city in southwestern Colombia in a rich agricultural area Cali
state capital and largest city located in south central Arizona; situated in a former desert that has become a prosperous agricultural area thanks to irrigation capital of Arizona , Phoenix
United States botanist and agricultural chemist who developed many uses for peanuts and soy beans and sweet potatoes (1864-1943) Carver , George Washington Carver
industrial city at the center of a rich agricultural region Christchurch
medieval form of land tenure in England; a copyhold was a parcel of land granted to a peasant by the lord of the manor in return for agricultural services copyhold
country that is poor and whose citizens are mostly agricultural workers but that wants to become more advanced socially and economically developing country
city in northeastern Bulgaria (north of Varna) that is the commercial center of an agricultural region Dobrich , Tolbukhin
agricultural laborer in Arab countries fellah
crop (other than fruits or vegetables) that is grown for agricultural purposes field crop
agricultural tool used for lifting or digging; has a handle and metal prongs fork
city in south central California in the San Joaquin Valley; center of an important agricultural area and gateway to the Sierra Nevada Mountains Fresno
member of an agricultural people in southeastern India Gadaba
small slender-winged moths whose larvae are agricultural pests gelechiid , gelechiid moth
introduction of pesticides and high-yield grains and better management during the 1960s and 1970s which greatly increased agricultural productivity green revolution
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