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air defense by the use aircraft or missiles or artillery or electronic countermeasures active air defense
acrobat who performs in the air (as on a rope or trapeze) aerialist
air, bacterium that needs aerobe
organism (especially a bacterium) that requires air or free oxygen for life aerobe
life sustained in the presence of air or oxygen aerobiosis
pain in the teeth that results from a change in air pressure (as in flying or mountain climbing) aerodontalgia
branch of mechanics that deals with the motion of gases (especially air) and their effects on bodies in the flow aerodynamics , aeromechanics
obstruction of the circulatory system caused by an air bubble as, e.g., accidentally during surgery or hypodermic injection or as a complication from scuba diving aeroembolism , air embolism , gas embolism
letter sent by air mail aerogram , aerogramme , air letter , airmail letter
pilot of balloon or lighter-than-air craft aeronaut
theory and practice of navigation through air or space aeronautics , astronautics
swallowing air (usually followed by belching and discomfort and flatulence) aerophagia
air, fear of fresh aerophobia
plant that derives moisture and nutrients from the air and rain; usually grows on another plant but not parasitic on it aerophyte , air plant , epiphyte , epiphytic plant
bomb that uses a fuel-air explosive aerosol bomb , fuel-air bomb , thermobaric bomb , vacuum bomb , volume-detonation bomb
personification of the sky or upper air breathed by the Olympians; son of Erebus and night or of Chaos and darkness Aether
United States Air Force defense laboratory responsible for discovering and developing and integrating fighting technologies for aerospace forces AFRL , Air Force Research Laboratory
command of the United States Air Force that is responsible for defending the United States through its space and intercontinental ballistic missile operations AFSPC , Air Force Space Command
warning signal that begins an period of preparation for an enemy air attack air alert
time period during which military and civilian agencies are prepared for an enemy air attack air alert
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