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leather made from alligator's hide alligator
large alligator of the southeastern United States Alligator mississipiensis , American alligator
small alligator of the Yangtze valley of China having unwebbed digits Alligator sinensis , Chinese alligator
wrench with a v-shaped jaw and serrations on one side (resembles the open jaws of an alligator) alligator wrench
alligator lizards Anguidae , family Anguidae , genus Gerrhonotus , Gerrhonotus
alligator pear avocado
alligator-like reptile of Central America and South America having a more heavily armored belly caiman , cayman
alligator relative of tropical America caiman , cayman
short piece of wire with alligator clips on both ends clip lead
mother alligator cow
alligator snapping turtles genus Macroclemys , Macroclemys
degenerate wormlike burrowing lizard of California closely related to alligator lizards legless lizard
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