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worship given to God alone adoration , latria
morbid fear of open spaces (as fear of being caught alone in some public place) agoraphobia
intense desire to be alone or out in the open agromania
discontented and alone alienated , disaffected
disposition toward being alone aloneness , loneliness , lonesomeness , solitude
young unmarried woman who lives alone bachelorette , bachelor girl
bell tower; usually stands alone unattached to a building belfry , campanile
theological system of John Calvin and his followers emphasizing omnipotence of God and salvation by grace alone Calvinism
categorematic expression; a term capable of standing alone as the subject or predicate of a logical proposition categorem , categoreme
stand-alone piece of electronic equipment that either has its own display or attaches to a television set CD player
alone and remote cloistered , incommunicado , insulated , isolated , sequestered
vertical cylindrical structure standing alone and not supporting anything (such as a monument) column , pillar
entropy calculated from the probability that a state could be reached by chance alone conformational entropy
clause in a complex sentence that cannot stand alone as a complete sentence and that functions within the sentence as a noun or adjective or adverb dependent clause , subordinate clause
clause that cannot stand alone dependent clause , subordinate clause
house that stands alone detached house , single dwelling
(neurophysiology) phenomenon that occurs when two or more neural impulses that alone are not enough to trigger a response in a neuron combine to trigger an action potential facilitation
morpheme that retains meaning alone (e.g. cat) free form
morpheme that can occur alone free form , free morpheme
wife who is left alone much of the time because her husband is playing golf golf widow
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