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any of several amber to coppery fork-tailed warm-water carangid fishes amberfish , amberjack
dry pale amber variety dry vermouth , French vermouth
sweet dark amber variety Italian vermouth , sweet vermouth
amber dessert wine from the Madeira Islands Madeira
order of insect identified in 2002 in a 45 million year old piece of amber from the Baltic region Mantophasmatodea , order mantophasmatodea
extinct termite found in amber in the Dominican Republic Mastotermes electrodominicus
extinct termite found in amber in southern Mexico Mastotermes electromexicus
amber colored ale brewed with pale malts; similar to bitter but drier and lighter pale ale
amber-green muscadine grape of southeastern United States scuppernong
dry to sweet amber wine from the Jerez region of southern Spain or similar wines produced elsewhere; usually drunk as an aperitif sherry
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