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Italian anatomist who was one of the fathers of modern anatomy; noted for descriptions of the ear and the heart (1520-1574) Bartolommeo Eustachio , Eustachio
anatomist who compares the anatomy of different animals comparative anatomist
United States anatomist who identified four pituitary hormones and discovered vitamin E (1882-1971) Evans , Herbert McLean Evans
Italian anatomist who first described the Fallopian tubes (1523-1562) Fallopio , Fallopius , Gabriele Fallopius , Gabriello Fallopio
Greek anatomist whose theories formed the basis of European medicine until the Renaissance (circa 130-200) Galen
German anatomist (1829-1905) Georg Meissner , Meissner
anatomist who specializes in the microscopic study of animal tissues histologist
German physiologist and anatomist (1801-1858) Johannes Peter Muller , Muller
German anatomist (1733-1794) Kaspar Friedrich Wolff , Wolff
Italian anatomist who was the first to use a microscope to study anatomy and was among the first to recognize cells in animals (1628-1694) Malpighi , Marcello Malpighi
anatomist who is skilled is osteology osteologer , osteologist
English comparative anatomist and paleontologist who was an opponent of Darwinism (1804-1892) Owen , Sir Richard Owen
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