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angry feeling or display of acrimony , animosity , rancor
angry argument altercation
fight, angry altercation , confrontation , contretemps , tussle
state of being angry anger , angriness
angry, very apoplectic , incensed , in high dudgeon , livid
persisting angry mood bad temper , ill temper
angry behavior bellicosity
being highly angry or excited; ready to boil over boiling point
angry disturbance bother , fuss , hassle , trouble
angry speech diatribe , harangue , jeremiad , philippic , tirade
speech, angry diatribe , harangue , philippic , tirade
passionate and angry speech diatribe , tirade
angry, moderately disgruntled
angry and disagreeable mood distemper , ill humor , ill humour
angry dispute dustup , quarrel , row , run-in , words , wrangle
make angry frost
extremely angry furious , livid
angry look glare
angry stare glare , glower
angry stare glower
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