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toxic antimetabolite that limits cellular reproduction by acting as an antagonist to folic acid; used to treat certain cancers and psoriasis and rheumatoid arthritis amethopterin , methotrexate , methotrexate sodium
antagonist for estrogen that is used in the treatment of breast cancer estrogen antagonist , tamoxifen
attacker who gouges out the antagonist's eye gouger
narcotic antagonist (trade name Nalline) that counteracts the effects of narcotics (especially the effects of poisoning by morphine) Nalline , nalorphine
potent narcotic antagonist (trade name Narcan) especially effective with morphine naloxone , Narcan
oral antagonist against the action of opiates naltrexone
antagonist used to counteract the effects of narcotics (especially to counteract the depression of respiration) narcotic antagonist
antagonist, threatening nemesis
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