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small appendage appendicle
bristlelike appendage arista
slender bristlelike appendage found on the bracts of grasses awn
plant appendage awn
cramp or appendage stiffness charley horse
protozoan with a microscopic appendage extending from the surface of the cell ciliate , ciliated protozoan , ciliophoran
slender flexible animal appendage as on barnacles or crinoids or many insects; often tactile cirrus
any of numerous minute wingless primitive insects possessing a special abdominal appendage that allows the characteristic nearly perpetual springing pattern; found in soil rich in organic debris or on the surface of snow or water collembolan , springtail
back of the body of a vertebrate or any analogous surface (as the upper or outer surface of an organ or appendage or part) dorsum
lash-like appendage used for locomotion (e.g., in sperm cells and some bacteria and protozoa) flagellum
appendage to an object that is designed to be held in order to use or move it grip , handgrip , handle , hold
appendage to hold onto handhold
(botany) any appendage to a plant that is shaped like a strap ligule
sharp rigid animal process or appendage; as a porcupine quill or a ridge on a bone or a ray of a fish fin spine
small needlelike appendage; especially the feeding organ of a tardigrade stylet
caudal appendage tail
appendage added to extend the length of something tailpiece
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