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architectural product or work architecture
architectural ornament of curved foliage used at the edge of a spire or gable crocket
person who specializes in designing architectural interiors and their furnishings decorator , designer , house decorator , interior decorator , interior designer , room decorator
something (manuscripts or architectural plans and models or estimates or works of art of all genres etc.) submitted for the judgment of others (as in a competition) entry , submission
embellishment consisting of a decorative representation of a string of flowers suspended between two points; used on pottery or in architectural work festoon
(architecture) leaf-like architectural ornament foliage , foliation
architectural support or base (as for a column or statue) footstall , pedestal , plinth
architectural ornament consisting of a horizontal sculptured band between the architrave and the cornice frieze
triangular architectural element gable , pediment
grotesque architectural ornament gargoyle
architectural decoration formed by two intersecting wavy bands guilloche
United States architect who formed and important architectural firm with John Merven Carrere (1860-1929) Hastings , Thomas Hastings
trade of planning the layout and furnishings of an architectural interior interior decoration , interior design
branch of architecture dealing with the selection and organization of furnishings for an architectural interior interior design
scale drawing of a machine or architectural plan etc, mechanical drawing
architectural model module
arrangement of literary, artistic, or architectural elements ordonnance
pattern of elements in literary, artistic or architectural composition ordonnance
lowest molding of an architectural base or of a baseboard subbase
architectural ornament in the form of three arcs arranged in a circle trefoil
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