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arrange in an order align , catalog , codify , digest , dispose , marshal , organize
literate person who can arrange items in alphabetical order alphabetiser , alphabetizer
business of a broker; charges a fee to arrange a contract between two parties brokerage
arrange a meeting call
small group of car drivers who arrange to take turns driving while the others are passengers car pool
arrange in categories categorize , classify
sequence, arrange in codify , systematize , tabulate
lists or tables, to arrange in codify , tabulate
pages in order, to arrange collate
arrange in groupings collocate
arrange together, side by side collocate
collect and arrange compile
arrange work to be done contract
arrange in correspondence with another coordinate , correlate
arrange in soft folds drape
gather and arrange in order enlist , marshal , mobilize , muster , rally
arrange systematically file
arrange in a pattern or style format
arrange in design or layout format
pairs, to arrange in geminate
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