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audacious (even arrogant) behavior that you have no right to assumption , effrontery , presumption , presumptuousness
cheeky and arrogant audacious , brazen , bumptious , impertinent , impudent , insolent , obstreperous , presumptuous , sassy , saucy , temerarious
arrogant and forward bumptious , overweening , presumptuous
attitude, having arrogant cavalier
stubborn person of arbitrary or arrogant opinions doctrinaire , dogmatist
arrogant in beliefs dogmatic
attitude of arrogant superiority high horse
unfair and arrogant high-handed
arrogant or conceited person of importance high-muck-a-muck , pooh-bah
arrogant pride hubris
arrogant and domineering imperious , peremptory
arrogant person new to higher status nouveau riche , parvenu , upstart
person regarded as arrogant and annoying prig , snob , snoot , snot
exaggerated and arrogant properness priggishness , primness
someone who walks in an arrogant manner swaggerer
arrogant or presumptuous person upstart
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