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widely distributed tree of eastern Australia yielding a tough durable fiber and soft light attractively grained wood; foliage is an important emergency food for cattle Brachychiton populneus , currajong , kurrajong
bodily property of being attractively plump and vigorous and (of women) full-bosomed buxomness
any of various mostly Australian attractively shaped shrubs of the genus Olearia grown for their handsome and sometimes fragrant evergreen foliage and profusion of daisy flowers with white or purple or blue rays daisy-bush , daisy bush , daisybush
someone who arranges features of the landscape or garden attractively landscape architect , landscape gardener , landscaper , landscapist
property of an attractively thin person slenderness , slightness , slimness
group of people attractively arranged (as if in a painting) tableau , tableau vivant
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