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any of a variety of social dances performed by couples in a ballroom ballroom dance , ballroom dancing
genre of popular music composed for ballroom dancing ballroom music , dance music , danceroom music
ballroom dance that originated in the French West Indies; similar to the rumba beguine
syncopated ballroom dance formerly popular in the US bunny hug
lively ballroom dance that resembles the samba carioca
fast, rhythmic Latin American ballroom dance cha-cha
modern ballroom dance from Latin America; small steps and swaying movements of the hips cha-cha , cha-cha-cha
American ballroom dance in syncopated rhythm; popular early in the 20th century Charleston
ballroom dance cotillion
ballroom dance in quadruple time; combines short and long and fast and slow steps fixed sequences fox-trot , foxtrot
caribbean ballroom dance mambo
early ballroom dance; precursor to the fox-trot one-step
ballroom dance in fast duple time paso doble
ballroom dance with both quick and slow steps quickstep
ballroom dance based on the Cuban folk dance rhumba , rumba
ballroom dance characterized by revolving movement round dance , round dancing
Brazilian ballroom dance of African origin samba
lively ballroom dance from Brazil samba
ballroom dance of Latin-American origin tango
ballroom dance with gliding steps tango
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