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beaklike mouth of animals other than birds (e.g., turtles) beak
hazel of western United States with conspicuous beaklike involucres on the nuts beaked hazelnut , Corylus cornuta
any of several whales inhabiting all oceans and having beaklike jaws with vestigial teeth in the upper jaw beaked whale
evergreen shrub with scarlet to white clawlike or beaklike flowers; New Zealand Clianthus puniceus , parrot's beak , parrot's bill
any of various small toothed whales with a beaklike snout; larger than porpoises dolphin
order of carnivorous insects usually having long membranous wings and long beaklike heads with chewing mouths at the tip Mecoptera , order Mecoptera
beaklike projection of the anterior part of the head of certain insects such as e.g. weevils rostrum , snout
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