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larvae live in and feed on growing or stored beans Acanthoscelides obtectus , bean weevil
long pod containing small beans and sweetish edible pulp; used as animal feed and source of a chocolate substitute algarroba , algarroba bean , carob , carob bean , locust bean , locust pod
blackish aphid that infests e.g. beans and sugar beets Aphis fabae , bean aphid , blackfly
South African evergreen partly woody vine grown for its clusters of rosy purple flowers followed by edible pods like snap beans; also grown as green manure; sometimes placed in genus Dolichos Australian pea , Dipogon lignosus , Dolichos lignosus
any of various seeds or fruits that are beans or resemble beans bean
dip made of cooked beans bean dip
any of various sprouted beans: especially mung beans or lentils or edible soybeans bean sprout
flat tortilla topped with refried beans bean tostada
small cloth bag filled with dried beans; thrown in games beanbag
eaten fresh as shell beans or dried black-eyed pea , cowpea
tropical tree with large prickly pods of seeds that resemble beans and are used for jewelry and rosaries bonduc , bonduc tree , Caesalpinia bonduc , Caesalpinia bonducella
dried navy beans baked slowly with molasses and salt pork Boston baked beans
shell beans cooked as lima beans broad bean , fava bean
spicy southern specialty: chicken (or small game) with corn and tomatoes and lima beans and okra and onions and potatoes Brunswick stew
small flat green bean similar to lima beans butterbean , butter bean , civet bean , sieva bean
seed of the cacao tree; ground roasted beans are source of chocolate cacao bean , cocoa bean
tropical American tree producing cacao beans cacao , cacao tree , chocolate tree , Theobroma cacao
tropical African woody vine yielding calabar beans calabar-bean vine , Physostigma venenosum
twining tropical Old World plant bearing long pods usually with red or brown beans; long cultivated in Orient for food Canavalia gladiata , sword bean
United States botanist and agricultural chemist who developed many uses for peanuts and soy beans and sweet potatoes (1864-1943) Carver , George Washington Carver
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